10 Ways for Realtors to Engage on Facebook for FREE

10 Ways for Realtors to Engage on Facebook for FREE
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I know there is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And they all serve their purpose….but, most likely, nothing will replace Facebook. Facebook will always put you in front of more people than any of the other platforms can.

So if you need to improve your social media….don’t bite off more than you can chew by trying to add additional platforms to your marketing. Simply start by becoming efficient on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Make sure your personal page is legal for real estate if you plan to have business related posts there. To do that, make sure you identify yourself as a Realtor in the “About Me” section and have your MLS # there as well. You also need to give credit to the brokerage you hang your license with. I know each city could be different, so I would also suggest asking your broker or local board.

Here are 10 ways to engage your audience that doesn’t cost you anything!

1 - Closing Photos.

If you don’t already take photos at closings…why not? It’s FREE advertising. Almost everyone loves to be tagged in photos on social media. And this includes your buyers and sellers. Here is what you do… Inform them early on in the process that you want to take a fun picture at closing. This will not only give them time to think about what it should be, but keep them from showing up to the closing in their gym clothes and be mad at you for taking a photo. Get creative! Don’t make them so boring. Have fun! The more fun they are, the more engagement they’ll get on Facebook. Tag them in the post and on the picture. When you tag someone in a post or in a picture, it posts it on their wall for their friends to see. Every time you do this, you’re providing yourself free advertising to their Facebook friends.

2 - Coming Soon Posts.

If you are going to successfully promote your business, it has to be without being gimmicky and super “salesy.” So take a selfie with the yard sign of the house that is coming on the market and let it be a little mysterious. It will get your friends excited to see it, instead of just annoyed by “another” post from you.

3 - Happy Birthday Posts.

People love to know that we’ve taken time out of our day to think about them. But don’t write on their wall, that’s what everyone does. Give them their own post. If it’s a client from two years ago, repost the closing photo, tag them in the post and wish them Happy Birthday. Again, it’s FREE advertising.

4 - Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is incredible. Here’s why….it’s raw, uncensored, authentic, and it notifies your friends when you do it! We love the idea of things being live because anything can happen! And again, it notifies all your friends when you go live, normal posts don’t do that. So it gives you a huge advantage. Here are a few suggestions…. Do a live video from an Open House. Give us a live tour. Point out your favorite features. Maybe you can pick up a buyer that wasn’t able to come. Interview a past customer. Let them talk about how great you are. It’s always better hearing it from someone else. Interview a vendor. This adds value to one of your vendors and to your audience. By promoting them, they’ll be more likely to refer you. But make the sure the content is genuinely helpful.

Do a tour of your brokerage. I’ve been to some legit brokerages! If your brokerage is cool, give a tour, people care about that stuff! You might win business because of the cool coffee bar in the front! It sounds stupid, but it’s true. Talk about life. We’ve all been through our own share of “stuff.” Quit trying to portray yourself as so perfect on Facebook. Be real. Be authentic. Be you. People are drawn to authenticity and they’re drawn to stories. By connecting with someone on a personal level, you’ll be setup to be their go to when they need to buy or sell a home. And they’ll be more likely to refer you even when they haven’t done business with you personally.

5 - Inspiration Posts.

Don’t just be business all the time. Mix in some other stuff. There’s a book called “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk, read it. He talks about how you should use “jabs” to add value, then use “hooks” to close the deal. What book are you reading? Post a quote from it. Share a video clip that inspires you. You never know when one of your posts is going to genuinely inspire someone, and when that happens, they’ll trust you enough to refer you business.

6 - Share Useful Articles.

What time of year is it? Be useful! If it’s Christmas…share a DIY article about making your own Christmas ornaments. If it’s football season, share a season preview for the most popular team in your city. Get creative. By adding value, people will not only like what you post, but they’ll remember you. And if you’re lucky, they’ll even start sharing it to further your reach.

7 - Start a Blog.

Stop….don’t skip over this one because I said the word “blog.” Blogging isn’t what you think. When you hear the word blog, you think five hours in front of a computer screen laughing, crying, and trying to sound super smart about stuff you know nothing about. But NO. Blogging has changed. Again, we want authentic. You be you. And it doesn’t have to be long. I follow a brilliant blog by Seth Godin, and most of them are only 6-8 sentences long. Short, simple and to the point. You can do it! Once you do it, share it on Facebook.

8 - Look for Posts to Comment On!

Be present. Tell your friends their baby is cute (if it is, don’t lie). If someone posts about needing to know a plumber? Find out the best plumber in the city and comment on the post. The more present you are, the more people remember you, and the less you have to just fish for business and annoy the crap out of everyone. And, whether you believe it’s God or karma…when you help people, you yourself will be helped. It just happens that way!

9 - Share Other People’s Business Pages.

Talk about other businesses in your city that you know, like and trust. You’ll be remembered when you refer someone to someone great. And….that business or friend will want to repay you. Now, I know that isn’t why we do it, but that’s always the outcome. If I buy you a cup of coffee, you’re going to try and buy me one the next time we meet. We are human beings, that’s how it works.

10 - Have Others Share Your Listings.

You need a team of people that share every listing you post. They can be your parents, spouse, friend, referral partner, neighbor, pastor, etc. But you should have at least five people in your corner at all times that know every time you share a listing, they are going to share it. Because this is how Facebook works….the more interaction your posts get, the longer Facebook lets it stay in the top of the news feed. So you need people, to like, comment and/or share your posts. These are what Bob Burg and John David Mann call “walking ambassadors” and we all NEED them. They may have never even used you personally, but they’ll refer you like crazy!

Do all ten or just pick a couple. But I can promise you this….if several of these become a part of your daily routine, you will become more referable with the sphere of influence you already have.

Thank you for reading. If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me. I’m always happy to be of service.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on September 26th 2016
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