6 No-Nonsense Reasons You Absolutely Need A Realtor

6 No-Nonsense Reasons You Absolutely Need A Realtor
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When it comes to real estate, should you always get a realtor involved? One endeavor you should never make more difficult than necessary is buying and selling your home. In today’s America, there's no process that will turn your life upside-down faster than a real estate deal gone bad.

Homeowners sometimes choose to go it alone, citing fees or negative past experiences, however there’s so much potential for things to go wrong that it only makes sense to hire a realtor to help you out. When you’re climbing a mountain, you need a safety line just in case your rope snaps, right? The truth is, you need a realtor.


Contracts, who needs 'em? Unfortunately, you do. That means you're going to need some help. Having the deal fall through because you overlooked some tiny detail is not a fun place to be. Not only does that nullify all your hard work, but you could end up in some legal hot water, as well. Working with a realtor means you don't forget any forms, disclosures, and other important documents that you need.

Having the realtor there to protect you is a smart move that'll end up saving you both time and money, because you don't want to show up to the big showdown without some backup, right?


Negotiations are where realtors make their money. Expert negotiating skills are vastly important when it comes to home sales, and if you don’t have the best negotiators on your side, they’ll be working against you. Forgetting something basic such as allowing enough time and money for inspections and unforeseen contingencies that could absolutely sink your deal? With a realtor, you don't.

Getting to the negotiations stage is hard enough. A steady hand guiding you through to victory means you don't blow the game in the last 30 seconds.


Money changes people, oftentimes those closest to us. Even if you're dealing with Grandma, mixing emotions and money creates a recipe for conflict. Ask any lottery winner, they'll tell you. Getting caught flat-footed when things go wrong brings so much unneeded stress, so having your realtor there acting as a buffer only makes sense. Let them take the fall so you can keep relationships with friends and family whole.


Experience is worth its weight in gold, and good realtors have plenty of it. Having someone more experienced than you help is a smart move in any project, so get the help you need right away. Why wait?

Homeowners going the FSBO route usually don’t have years of experience working in real estate buying and selling properties. Setting yourself up for failure before you even put one foot out the door sure doesn't help you win and it's not like you can learn how to do it overnight either, but that's ok!

Save yourself some trouble. Realtors want to maximize on every deal they make. Why not team up for a win/win? Worst case scenario, your slice of the pie is a fraction smaller, which sure is better than no pie at all. You might even sell your home in record time. Imagine that!


Knowing the real market value of your home is difficult if you're on the outside-looking-in. Having a realtor in your corner to let you take a peek behind the curtain will shift your perceptions for the better. Since for-sale properties are often unlisted (usually the best ones), you need someone to grant you access to these homes. They also are in with the people you need to sell your home without a hitch or find a new one that’s best for you. Your realtor can refer you to these people.

You simply do not know what you do not know, and what you do not know may come back to bite you later on. Getting perspective on the market, while also having someone there to tell you you’re making a mistake, is a pretty good deal, indeed.


Do you have the time to fulfill all the duties a full-time realtor does? Can you do them just as well? If you can't answer yes to both, you're shorting yourself.

Not only that, but realtors fill a lot of needed roles that will help complete the sale on time. A realtor can be a guide, confidant, proxy for stress, a marketer, a salesperson, a community expert, and more. Having someone on your side that is knowledgeable about not only the national and local markets, but also the things that come with living in a particular area you wouldn't normally think about is immensely helpful, indeed.

Why stack the odds against yourself? Get a realtor and create your own luck. Counting the time you have to spend and the stress you have to take on when you're doing everything yourself, you don't save all that much. You don't have to make it more trouble than it's worth. Save that for the realtor.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on December 23rd 2016
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