How To Go Facebook Live!

Facebook Live. Just two little words, yet you're shaking in your boots. It's time to stop being fearful and step up to the plate.

Facebook Live is the most powerful tool on the planet, and it's free!

Why? Thanks for asking!

Facebook loves their new Live feature so much, they will promote you for doing it! Every time you go Live, they send notifications to your friends. Nothing else on their platform does that.

It's also genuine and authentic. You can't fake it. You're live! We live in a world where we only post about our highlight reels, post the pictures we look the best in, and practice videos until their perfect. FB Live cuts out all the fake and fluffy! You are what you are.

It's engaging. There's no better way to interact with your customers.They can ask you questions, they can get insight into what you do day-to-day, and they can experience you in a very real way! This is how you turn customers into “fans!”

Now you know why it's important. Here's how to use it…

1 - Open Houses.

Do a live tour! A lot of people may not be able to make it in person, but they can watch your video! Realtors have sold houses to buyers who saw the open house video and put in an offer. It really happens.

2 - Interviews.

Do an interview with your broker, a lender, a school principal, or any other vendor that would be beneficial to your sphere of influence.

3 - Q&A’s.

Promote your Facebook Live video and then when you host it, do an informative Q&A. They can ask you live questions, it's really fun. Make sure to have a few friends planted in the video to ask questions to get things going.

4 - Personal Life.

Do a video from your kids soccer game, at church, on date night, or even on Saturday morning during your morning coffee. Give them a peak of who you are when you're not working. That goes a long way.

5 - Be random.

Do something fun! My brother and I did a random college football show a few weeks back. It was stupid, but people liked it. We just joked around and talked about the games and who we would bet on.

DO NOT let this pass you by! Jump on the Live train! Your business will thank you!

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on January 5th 2017
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