See Amazing Results From Facebook Live In A Hurry

See Amazing Results From Facebook Live In A Hurry
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What's another name for a realtor? Broker? Dealer? How about storyteller?

When you’re showing properties, you're creating images in the buyer's mind that will lead to a sale. The clearer and more exciting you make that picture, the better chance you'll have. Crafting that image as early in the process as you can is crucial to a successful sale down the road, and if you can't? You've got no chance, amigo. Try again.

That’s the power of Facebook Live. Realtors can communicate with buyers in new ways, crafting those dynamic real estate-selling stories faster than ever. Get buyers drooling over a property before they even set foot in the door. Facebook live is what you as a realtor need to maximize your marketing, which means closing in less time than you can believe.

Facebook Live Is For Storytellers.

What makes Facebook live better than plain old, boring video?

1. Priority. Right now live streams rank highest on Facebook, which means to the top of the newsfeed with you! Facebook also saves videos after each broadcast. Viewers are able to watch you even if you aren't live, so you're always visible.

2. Interaction. Facebook live streams break the barrier in-between audience and broadcaster. They watch and react to you in real time, which means their feedback doesn't have to wait. You can get better at live streaming in a fraction of the time. It's the ultimate marketing shortcut that doesn't cut corners.

3. Direction. Seeing reactions right away allows wiggle room in how you live stream. There's no waiting room here so instead of anticipating what you think your audience wants, ask them. Take that feedback and mold it into a story that sells itself.

The New Open House.

Facebook Live has built-in advantages for open houses. If no one shows up, no big deal. Even if you feel like you botched it, it's easier to come back from than a poor in-person performance. The more you do it, the better you'll get. Frame the story however you need to show every property in the best light possible and create real connections with your audience.

Build Your Brand Authority.

As real estate continues to shift online, realtors taking advantage of platforms like Facebook Live will take the lead. Jumping into live video right now means you’ve got the advantage down the road. See how far you can improve your marketing reach. Don't keep your audience waiting.

Be entertaining. At the end of the day, Facebook is entertainment. You need to be fun to watch and interact with if you're positioning yourself as a brand on Facebook. After all, genuine fun is the greatest form of engagement. If fun = engagement, entertaining live streams will always keep people coming back for more. And so build your brand and have fun doing it.

Frame Your Story The Right Way.

What's fun is completely up to you. The beauty of Facebook Live is no one can tell you how you should use it. It's on you to find the most natural way for you to have fun, engage, interact, and tell a story that sells. Congratulations realtors, here's one of your best marketing tools to date.

Posted & written by Colin Gillespie on January 25th 2017
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